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Write a class “Line” with following specifications
      three data members, endp1, endp2 and char pointer linetype (Give any character value in linetype e.g B implies bold line, N implies normal line and S implies straight line)
      default constructor with default arguments
      copy constructor
      Write getter & setter functions.
      calculateLength method which calculates the length of the line
      compareLine method which compares two line objects and tells which line is longer (use this pointer to use the current objects data members, you can pass 2nd object in the parameter of this function)
      In main program
}  Create line1 object so that default constructor is called
}  Create line2 object using line1 object  (copy constructor must be called)
}  Calculate the length of each line object and compare them by calling functions.


using namespace std;

class line{
    int endp1;
    int endp2;
    char *linetype;
    line(int x = 0, int y = 20, char z = 'B'){
        endp1 = x;
        endp2 = y;

        linetype = new char;
        *linetype = z;

    line(const line& l1){
        this->endp1 = l1.endp1;
        this->endp2 = l1.endp2;
        this->linetype = new char;
        *linetype = *l1.linetype;

    void setVal(int x, int y, char z){
        endp1 = x;
        endp2 = y;
        *linetype = z;

    void getVal(){
        cout << "Enp1: " << endp1 << endl<< "Endp2: " << endp2 << endl << "Line Type: " << *linetype << endl;

    void calcLength(){
        cout << "Length of line is: " << endp2 - endp1 << endl;

    void compareL(line &l1){
        if ((this->endp2 - this->endp1) > (l1.endp2 - l1.endp1)){
            cout << "Line is greater then the sended line";
        else if ((this->endp2 - this->endp1) < (l1.endp2 - l1.endp1)){
            cout << "Line is smaller then the sended line";
            cout << "Lines are equal";

void main(){
    line l1;
    line l2(l1);

    cout << endl << endl;


    cout << endl<< "Setting l2 new values" << endl;

    l2.setVal(10, 15, 'N');

    cout << endl << "Comparing l1 and l2" << endl;


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