Posted by : Waqas Javed Friday, 12 September 2014

Most of the people have a great confusion after their fsc which field they should choose computer science or software engineering. So let us have a short overview between both which would help you a lot to choose you desired program.

BSCS is a vast field covering all the topics of computer which include all professional softwares, languages and also include study of hardware. So CS is basically more general field than SE in CS you also learn others things together with programming. So after CS you could become a software engineer. You could also do Masters in software engineering.

BSSE is more specific field in which their is particular emphathises on software and you do not learn much about the hardware. You learn the programming and in different languages and learn to use all the software and make new softwares. So after doing so after doing BSSE you could not do Masters in computer science.

Both fields have a lot of scope so do not think which one is more better as far as scope is concerned. Think according to your interest if you have interest in that field you would make it otherwise whatever scope it may have.

Thanks a lot for reading this hope you would had find answer to your question for furthur query email. or leave a comment.

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