Posted by : Waqas Javed Sunday, 14 September 2014

Bit is the basic unit of the computer language which a computer can understand. Bit is binary digit 1 or 0 it is also called boelean variable as it can have only two states. A single bit save a single binary digit. It is the basic unit of memory. In a bit you can save only two states.

Byte is the bigger unit of memory. A byte is composed of 8 bits so now you can save 8 binary digits in a byte. In a byte how many combination could b made is to find by giving the no of bit to the power of two for example in a byte 2 raise to power 8 type of data could be saved which comes out to be 256. So 256 characters alphabets or whatever thing you want to save could be saved in a byte. In key board a byte is required to save all the 256 key to the memory.

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